Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I'm no longer a student!

My life as a student nurse officially ended today. Hehe. I can't really say I'm happy. Why is that? Relieved, maybe, but happy, nope. I guess I should be happy. Okay, here's something better: I'm grateful. I'm grateful that school is done. But I can't really be happy yet because finishing school is just step number one. There's still step number two, which is a bigger challenge: The local board exam.

I'm not sure yet whether to take the June or the December exams. But I'll be reviewing for June. If at the end of the intensive review for June I'd still feel that I'm not yet ready to take the exam, I probably won't. Because there's just less than two months left before the board, and I feel that time is not adequate for the preparation.

Tomorrow we'll start our orientation for the intensive review. Then after that we need to go to the PRC to file the necessary papers for the board exam, and there's quite a number of these requirements! What displeases me is the thought of queuing in the PRC.
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