Tuesday, January 17, 2006

How was your Sinulog?

Mine was fine, spending it with my Baby, of course... :)

It has been years since I actually watched the Sinulog. We in our family don't usually go to the city and out in the streets because, although it's fun, it's so stressful, to be with literally a sea of people, under the scorching heat of the sun, with all the noise and all the walking involved (because all means of transportation is grounded)... True enough, after watching Beautiful Boxer in Ayala the night of the Sinulog, we walked all the way to Foodland in Talamban (Or is it Banilad?) because, although the streets were opened again, most of the jeepneys couldn't pass because of the sheer number of people congregating in the Ayala area (there were three simulataneous gigs that evening, one sponsored by Levis, the other by San Miguel, and the third by Globe; and there was a fireworks show -- we saw it too, and man, was it spectacular! It lasted for 30 minutes. The crowd was "ooooh-ing", "ahhh-ing", and "wowwww-ing" the whole time. It was amazing, and it probably caused Ayala a million bucks! But what is a million pesos to the Ayalas, right?).

From Ayala to Foodland. It was a nightmarish experience. We couldn't believe we walked that far. But many people were walking with us, and some of them were very unfortunate because they had with them children. Poor kids, it must've been doubly nightmarish for them. Gisapot nako nadugay, but I had to maintain my cool because there's no use going insane in the middle of the desert (I imagined the experience to be so), plus I don't want to be an added burden to my Baby.

But, minus that last part of our day, Sinulog was fun. We had a good time together.

Stephen Ray in Cebu

Stephen Ray is in Cebu today. Pangga and I were in the CCTN (Cebu ? Catholic Television Network) station this afternoon to hear his talk. We got there just as the program was about to end, though (Sayang!). He's in the TV again tonight in a forum called "Katin-awan sa Pagtuo" with Socrates Fernandez (still in CCTN), where he is guest, along with a priest whose name I forgot. He discussed apologetics.

Stephen Ray is a former Baptist who converted to the Catholic Church.

He will be visiting other places in the country in the next two weeks to give talks on his conversion to Catholicism (He wrote a book about it, "Crossing the Tiber"). Check his website at catholicconvert.com to see if he will be visiting your area. On Friday he will be in Manila together with Bo Sanchez for another speaking engagement called "Why I Am Catholic".

Sunday, January 08, 2006

My first post for 2006

It's already 12:40 AM in my watch. The time that appears below this post is not the actual time I'm writing this. The option that allows me to select the time of posting for my posts has disappeared from my Blogger Dashboard.

Well, happy new year! =) I had a nice Christmas and New year vacation, and I hope you guys had one, too. :)

I just came from the city with my Pangga. We watched Narnia. And I tell you, it's a beautiful movie! Go see it! :) Despite its many flaws, as what some very good movie reviews have pointed out, I still say that it's a very beautiful movie, not just because of the cinematography and the great acting (particularly of the adorable little Lucy), but also and most especially because of the story itself, which is rich in meaning (of the story of Christianity). I wasn't able to appreciate it when I read the book a long time ago, but now, with the passing of time, and because I have understood a bit more the story of Jesus' coming into this world, His death and resurrection, etc., I was really fascinated and awed by the significance of the story of Narnia. It is humanity's story, too. It is the story of Original Sin and God's great love and sacrifice for us.


Yesterday Pangga and I watched Exodus. I couldn't believe we actually went to see the movie. I'm not much of a fan of Tagalog movies, you see. I rarely watch Pinoy films, and rarely come across ones that are of good quality (to mention just a couple, "Magnifico" -- the best Pinoy movie I've ever seen; a truly moving and profound film; and "Milan" -- Hehe, I can't believe myself either. Me, watching a Pinoy love story? I've never imagined I'd do it because ever since I reached adolescence I've sworn to myself never to "stoop so low" [I was young and so elitist, you see] as to watch a Tagalog love story... Milan is truly beautiful though heartbreaking. I guess that's what makes a Pinoy movie good, when it has social relevance, or when it has something truthful to say about our times, particularly as modern-day Filipinos). We were amazed by how much our movies have improved on the "special effects" side. In Exodus you can really see the progress we've made. Of course, it is far from perfect, or far from Hollywood, but at least you can really appeciate the improvements. The meat of the film though, or the story itself, is not very good. There are many flaws and lapses.


I'm not looking forward very excitedly at my health center and hospital "duties" in the coming weeks (my first duty in Tisa Health Center went fine, by the way). I don't know why. Perhaps because hospitals and health centers are such dark and dismal places to look at. But of course pud, how do I expect hospitals and health centers to look like, right? Why am I complaining? I've never should've taken nursing in the first place if that is my attitude... Well, I don't know. I don't know why I've developed this kind of negative mentality.

But I find consolation every time I remember that ever since I was very young, I've always liked the atmosphere of an hospital. I've always loved that distinct smell that hospitals have. I've always loved walking in the hospital corridors exploring the hallways, the rooms, the wards, etc. Come to think of it, I've always liked watching the health care staff while they work to and fro the hospital... Maybe... I'm quite embarassed to say this... nursing is my calling? Hahahaha.... I surely, surely hope I have what it takes to become a nurse. =)

You know, before I enrolled in nursing, I've always had this impression that nurses are glum people (Part of the reason why I hesitated to take nursing). Maybe because I rarely see nurses who smile, who laugh, who at least appear to enjoy or love their work. (But of course, no one can ever measure a person's happiness or satisfaction by merely observing his appearance). But who can blame them, right? Nurses, by the very nature of their work, are always exposed to the most serious facts that all of us have to face sooner or later -- the reality of suffering and death. That's why nurses are serious, because their work is no laughing matter. Their job is not to be taken lightly. But... ideally, isn't there joy involved in the caring of the sick and dying? Because there is the opportunity to practice the human capacity for love. That's a most wonderful gift, when we are given the chance to concretize or make visible the non-visible mystery that is love to people who need it the most. That's why, ideally, to serve as a nurse, or any caregiver for that matter, is such a privilege. It's beautiful, if you think about it, although nurses get discouraged very often because of the stress of their work (or the sheer weight of their work load) and because it's not always or often that your efforts at caring are appreciated.

My impression of nurses has changed quite a bit.
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