Tuesday, January 17, 2006

How was your Sinulog?

Mine was fine, spending it with my Baby, of course... :)

It has been years since I actually watched the Sinulog. We in our family don't usually go to the city and out in the streets because, although it's fun, it's so stressful, to be with literally a sea of people, under the scorching heat of the sun, with all the noise and all the walking involved (because all means of transportation is grounded)... True enough, after watching Beautiful Boxer in Ayala the night of the Sinulog, we walked all the way to Foodland in Talamban (Or is it Banilad?) because, although the streets were opened again, most of the jeepneys couldn't pass because of the sheer number of people congregating in the Ayala area (there were three simulataneous gigs that evening, one sponsored by Levis, the other by San Miguel, and the third by Globe; and there was a fireworks show -- we saw it too, and man, was it spectacular! It lasted for 30 minutes. The crowd was "ooooh-ing", "ahhh-ing", and "wowwww-ing" the whole time. It was amazing, and it probably caused Ayala a million bucks! But what is a million pesos to the Ayalas, right?).

From Ayala to Foodland. It was a nightmarish experience. We couldn't believe we walked that far. But many people were walking with us, and some of them were very unfortunate because they had with them children. Poor kids, it must've been doubly nightmarish for them. Gisapot nako nadugay, but I had to maintain my cool because there's no use going insane in the middle of the desert (I imagined the experience to be so), plus I don't want to be an added burden to my Baby.

But, minus that last part of our day, Sinulog was fun. We had a good time together.


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