Saturday, May 26, 2007

End of the summer term, start of vacation

Our COPAR culminated yesterday with a variety show. That's all our COPAR has been about, actually, entertainment. We did do health teaching last Thursday; but that was about it. Nothing more substantial happened.

I guess they can't blame our batch. We were only given a limited amount of time.

But the previous batch were able to come up with activities that were more beneficial to the community despite the limited time period. They did workshops on small entrepreneurship. What a novel idea for a COPAR; not the usual stuff -- health teachings, bingo bonanzas, variety shows, cleaning campaigns and the like.

Tonight I'll be packing my bags because I'll be leaving tomorrow for Davao. Woohoo! I'm going to see my princess once again. We've been apart for almost 7 months, can you believe?

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james said...

hello, pwede po ba manghingi ng tulong, ano po ba ibig sabihin ng COPAR? assignment kasi namin eh, tnx po,

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