Friday, December 21, 2007

Book club! Book club! Book club!

Nahuman na among Prelim exam ganiha sa Nursing Management so I can now rest a little... And it's the start of our Christmas break already... Merry Christmas to you, dear imaginary reader!

There might be some folks out there who might be interested about this. A week ago I posted a message at inviting people to start a book club. Naay uban ni-express og interest, and a few days later I met up with two ladies to discuss this proposed book club. They were very excited about it, as am I. I've wanted to start or join a book club for the longest time and at last that dream has now been realized.

Tulo pa mi kabuok but I bet managhan pa mi.

So this coming Saturday, December 22, we will be holding our second meeting, to discuss some titles which some people have suggested for our first gathering in January. Sabotan sa group kung unsa ang basahun og i-discuss next month and the coming months pa jud (yup, dapat optimistic jud ta!). Meeting place is at Bo's Cafe in Ayala, at 4pm.

So kinsa to'ng ganahan muapil, adto mo!

One more time:

Book club meeting
When: December 22, 2007, Saturday, at 4PM
Where: Bo's Cafe, Ayala

See you there!


Nino said...

Too bad I wasn't able to read this post earlier. I was actually in Cebu on that day, and just a few minutes walk away from the hotel where I was staying.

Perhaps next time I'm in Cebu.

Dante said...

mao ba sir?

sige sir do join us next time you're here in cebu. you can go to the arts and literature thread of the forums for more info about our book club. or you can just email me.

God bless.


Robyn said...

Good for people to know.

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