Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The November 2008 Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination result

The result for the Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination (PNLE) last November 2008 is now available at the Professional Regulation Commission website:

November 2008 exam results

To all the passers, congratulations and welcome aboard the profession!

To all those who didn't make it, don't lose heart! Don't give up!


AL Jose Leonidas said...

been reading your blog. Actually I was reading Randy David's work then I finally landed on your blog. I used your blog as a link to Randy David. My student will be reading articles of Randy David at your blogspot. Thank you.

Dante said...

Hi Sir,

You're welcome!

I hope you find them useful. However, I haven't been updating them for a very, very long time now. They're old articles by Prof. David.


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