Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Me, an orator? Hahaha.

I went to the school yesterday to audition for the oration contest for our intramurals this coming Wednesday to Saturday. I'm not a good orator at all. In fact, I'm terrible with speaking in public. In my college days with my first course I never joined oratorical contests. I don't know this time. I just felt like it would be an interesting thing, to join an oratorical contest. I'm also interested in the extemporaneous contest. If they'll let me, I'll audition as well. But in our department (nursing), it seems very few are interested in these stuff. Most people are into dancing, singing, and sports contests.

So I went there yesterday afternoon. One CI told me my piece was good, but that they need a speech that deals with a universal subject or issue, like education, as the audience would make up the students from the different departments and not only the nursing students.

I would have to make another piece and present it this afternoon. I'll try. But what will I write about? Education? What about education?

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