Saturday, August 27, 2005

A poem

I wrote this sometime last year when my GF was still working in a pharmaceutical company. Kind of corny but I'm posting it anyway. =)

Insecure lover

As soon as you leave my sight
to travel to distant places
where you have to work,
I begin to grow anxious.

Anxious because
you might meet someone
nicer than me,
more kind than me,
more gentle than me,
more clever than me,
more handsome (this is debatable) than me.
In short –
better than me in many ways.

It might happen in a v-hire
on your way to Liloan,
or in a pumpboat to the island of
It might happen in a multicab
to Dumaguete,
or in a bus to Santa Catalina or Bayawan,
Tanjay, Bais, or Mabinay,
or the towns nearby.

It might happen in a Supercat trip
to Bohol, or in a jeepney in Siquijor.

It might happen in one of your company’s
bi-annual conferences
or business meetings.

Despite your reassurances
that you love and will always love only me,
I’m still insecure.

But I love you
and will always love you.
I will never bind you
or attempt to possess you.

Because love needs freedom
to grow.

If ever you will change your mind
about your love for me
and seek or accept the love of someone else,
although you will be throwing me to the darkest,
deepest pit of hell,
know that I will not cage you.
Although you will be wounding me deeply,
and scar my heart for life,
shatter my soul, and cause me to swear
never to entrust my heart to anyone again,
I will never shackle you.

You are my first
and you are my last.
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