Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Update on moi

I have many pictures to post but our memory card reader (in case you're not familiar with the thing, it's a hardware used for transfering pictures from the digicam to the PC) is not functioning... About two weeks ago my friend Alvin and I went to the Archbishop's Palace because he wanted to show me his painting. He's an artist. He showed me his painting on Blessed Pedro Calungsud's martyrdom. It was a graphic portrait of Blessed Calungsud's death. The painting was huge, and very beautiful. I wish I could show it here someday.

I took photos too of the beautiful Blessed Pedro Calungsud Memorial Chapel...

Before going there we went to the San Carlos Theology Seminary because I wanted to inquire on the seminary's MA Theology program for laymen. Nagplano man gud ko nga magstudy ug theology. Pero inig human na lang sa nursing... :)

Alvin once commented to me nga buotan kuno kaayo ko nga pagkatawo. He's a drinker (pero dili pud siguro maingun nga palahubog siya, hilig lang jud siya muinum...hehe), and he invited me once for a round of Red Horse. Unfortunately, I don't drink. Ingun siya nga kana kunong mga buotan mao na silay sayo panguhaun ni Lord. Hehehe. I told my Pangga about it and she wasn't amused at all... =)

It's our preliminary exam on STS tomorrow. I still have to study tonight. I've been sleeping for only 4 hours on the average the past two days, so I've been a bit groggy the whole day today. And I still have to stay up late tonight to do some reading...

Next week is our last week before Christmas vacation. Ah, Christmas vacation... :) We may go to Leyte to visit my Lolo Pedring's resting place. He died almost 3 years ago.

Come January next year, on the first week, the folks from the DOH will be orienting us on Community Health. Then two days after that we will have our duties in the different health centers. My assignment is in Tisa Health Center. Hmmm, my very first duty!... Wish me luck! :)

To prepare myself for the duty, I plan to read on the essential lessons we've discussed in Health Care. I particularly direly need to read on Vital Signs. So my Christmas vacation will be spent partly savoring the free time I have and the fun of the Christmas season, and partly reading on the important things I need to learn in order that I may not appear unprepared when I start my duties. :)

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