Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lola's birthday

Talagsa na lang ko naga-blog kay wala na kaayo koy time mag-internet. Whole day ko wala sa balay: In the morning I dress up for an hour or so, then I travel for about 2 hours to Banilad to go to school, then I have my classes, then go to the library and study for a few hours, travel again to the uptown area to meet my baby after her work, eat, spend a short quality time together, then travel home for another 2 hours (We live that far away from the city!), find the time to be alone with myself for at least 15 minutes when I can for some "Indispensable Quiet Time" (a suggestion I got from The Examined Life), study or review my notes, pray, then sleep.... I'm very busy, and to think that I only have a very light study load this semester! Unsa na kaha next year when I proceed (hopefully) to my third year? Hahaha...

So, gamay nalang kaayo ang time for surfing the net and blogging... And grabe kaayo ko mu-waste ug time kung maka-atubang ko ug computer... Precious time flies swiftyly by whenever I am in front of our PC.

Sigh. Anyway, I'm posting a few pictures from my Lola's birthday last week... :)

We invited a few relatives over Posted by Picasa

A bouquet (Sorry, wala ko kaila unsa ni nga flower) Posted by Picasa

Up close, but a bit blurry Posted by Picasa

We've prepared a few foods, courtesy of my cousin Ate Lorianne. She's a very good cook (She's good with cross-stitching, too. She's good with many things, she's talented... :) ).

Beef and veggies Posted by Picasa

Sea food curry (Murag Thai nga dish) Posted by Picasa

Spag Posted by Picasa

Of course, dili complete ang meal kung walay fruits...

Banana, papaya, and pineapple Posted by Picasa

The pineapple up close Posted by Picasa

I have a few pictures of our school building, but I have to be somewhere in the next few minutes, so later na lang nako i-post. :)


I totally missed posting about the SEA games... It's totally uplifting, to see our athletes excel in almost all of the sports. It boosts up your sense of country, something which we certainly need in these difficult times. Kung dili lang sa controversies...


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