Monday, October 30, 2006

A blink of an eye

I was gone for 10 days and yet it feels like I just blinked my eye and here I am again back in Cebu.

It's like a dream. I prepared for this last night, when my pangga and I walked in the streets of downtown Davao in search of durian. I held her hand tightly, felt her hand's pressure on mine, to concretely register the moment to my memory. I watched our feet as we walked, watched our shadows, felt the coldness of the night.

I pondered long and hard inside the room where I slept, I took in all sensation I can to record the moment while it unfolded. I thought, "I'm going to miss this room, I'm going to miss this house, I'm going to miss this place..."

And most of all, I thought, "I'm going to miss your presence ga, your smile, your face, your eyes, your voice..."

I drowned my senses because I knew in a matter of hours all that's going to be like a dream.

True enough, I'm here, back home, and Davao and everyone and everything there that I experienced and hold dear feels like a dream.

Getting ready for the kabab-attack at Majid's.

Mmmmm mmmm...

How to eat a kabab (um, at least how to prepare to eat a kabab).

The videoke diva and the videoke prince at Gimik's.

Ginagmay'ng negosyo.

Donnie in his more innocent moments.

The University of Mindanao choir. Part of the Cancer Survivors Day organized by Smiles, a cancer support group in Davao. The event took place in Matina Town Square last Saturday. They sang beautifully.


Mother and future son-in-law hehehe.

Matina street at night.

"Satan's Army". A candidate of The Venue's holloween costume contest. He didn't scare us. My favorite was the "cursed bride".

"Night of the Phantoms"

The winner: King something and Queen Sofia.

Durian. I'm a convert!

That is one giant durian.

Bye Davao.

Majestic clouds over Mindanao.

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