Tuesday, November 21, 2006


My bro and I watched the BoToks concert last night. It's Bo Sanchez's special concert. The other Kerygma preachers were with him. It was a blast. Brother Bo was funny, as usual. The show sort of centers around him in that in it he talks about his life. How he came to know God early in life, how he found the love of his life, and how he was healed of his psychological and spiritual wounds to become what he is now. But the actual star of the show was really God, because he played and continues to play the major role in his life.

But I felt that the show was too short. I felt that brother Bo shared only a small portion of his life to the audience, and in a hurried manner, too, hehe...

But it was a satisfying show. Nakakataba nang puso kasi you always had to laugh. But even more importantly we were blessed for being there. Brother Bo is truly a living testament to the fact that God heals broken, imperfect persons, and uses them as instruments to spread his glory and his blessings.

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