Saturday, November 18, 2006

"The grand finale"

I'm not really a boxing fan, but I've never been this excited for a boxing match in my life before. I'm even more excited now than last January, when Pacquiao and Morales fought for the second time. The whole country is practically as excited.

The fight promises to be an explosive one. Both fighters are very determined to win. Both are in great shape. It's funny how Pacquiao said in one interview: "I hope nobody get's seriously hurt at the end of this fight." Haha. Is he joking or he just being gentlemanly? But someone definitely will get seriously hurt. As a sports analyst said, someone will get knocked down. Whether it's going to be Pacquiao or Morales, let's just wait and see.

Go Pacquiao!!!


kendi said...

yeps. he won. 3 rounds ra. :)

Dante said...

hehe lagi kuyaw kaayo 3 rounds lang. i listened to the radio kay live.

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