Sunday, September 04, 2005

"How to be a good blogger"

I found this very interesting and informative article on blogging by Teacher Sol, a US-based special education teacher:

"How to be a good blogger"

Another good article is Top 10 Weblog Ethics and Etiquette Tips by Sheila Ann Manuel Coggins which Teacher Sol referred to in her article.

Yet another one is the PCIJ blog's Blogger's Code of Ethics.

On an unrelated note, I really wish I can replace the template I'm currently using with something else. I mean, I like this template. It actually looks nice. But it's quite common. The templates in Blogger are quite common. I want something more unique. I wonder where I can find good templates that are free to download... Hehehe.


darlene said...

I followed ur link from my comment box but it say's "profile not available". I tried to recall all the blogs I visited early this morning (1AM I guess, di ko katulog!) and good thing I found your blog again.

Will update my links and include you! *winks* Thanks!


Thanks for linking my educator's blog here. Don't worry about your templane it's very minor...if I were you I'll just focus on my entries because the content of the blog is more important. I hope your visit won't be the last. Share your thoughts with us too. join us in my "cyber classroom". You're welcome there! See you!

Dante said...

@darlene - hello :) thank you again for visiting. i already fixed my profile. :) thanks for informing me about that. :)

@teacher sol - hello teacher sol! :) thank you for dropping by my humble little blog. you're right, the template matters little. :)

of course, i'll visit your blog as often as i can. :) i've read your latest entry. i wanted to answer ms. coggins' blog quiz, but right now i'm a bit short of time. probably later... :)

darlene said...

hi again! I read your previous blog re:dumaguete. Im glad to tell you that my husband is from that city - "The City of Smiles". I truly love that place, especially Valencia. Unfortunately, we got to visit dumaguete during holidays :(

Dante said...

wow.. really? =) dumaguete indeed is beautiful! =) the city of smiles jud... =) i have a lot of fond memories of that place. i've never been to valencia, though. :) i am from negros oriental also, from basay. that's a small town beyond bayawan. :)

i miss dumaguete so much. i hope i can visit the place again during vacations. i miss travelling! =)

i hope you and your family can visit dumaguete again soon. =)

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »

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