Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Our body

I'm staying up late tonight to prepare for our reporting tomorrow in Human Anatomy class. This will be our last chance to do a decent reporting before the semester ends. Our first reporting was a total disaster.

The human body really fascinates me. I mean, the human anatomy and its functions is truly marvelous. We are really a marvelous piece of machinery. We are truly walking miracles. Even the smallest or most minute part of our body, the cell, work in such a complex way. And cells work together to make our organs function properly, and organs in turn work together to make us function in a normal way. We are literally made up of countless microscopic organs that work really hard to allow us to function to the most optimum level.

That's why I don't understand why some people find it so easy to abuse their body, by smoking or indulging in alcohol or worse taking drugs. I mean, if they only knew how amazingly complex their body works and how fragile it is, they'd probably think twice before taking in any toxic substance.

I'm so fortunate that early on I never gave in to peer pressure with regards to drinking and smoking. I don't smoke. I drink though, but only on extremely rare occasions, and usually for the sake of pakikisama. I never abuse it. I've learned my lesson early on -- I've seen the great damage those substances has caused to many people, particularly to those close to me.

Now, back to work...

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