Sunday, November 06, 2005

Do aliens have souls?

It's very likely that there are other intelligent life forms out there in space, considering the unimaginable vastness of our universe and the countless stars in our galaxy alone. There are equally countless numbers of galaxies that exist out there. So, there must be intelligent life out there (The universe may even be teeming with intelligent life), although we may be separated by trillions of light years away from them.

So the question I guess is not really if we will someday be able to "discover" intelligent extra-terrestrial life, but when will it happen?

When it does happen, how will it affect our faith? How will it affect theology, and the belief in Christ? Will it invalidate religion, or reinforce it?

A Vatican astromer has published a booklet that tries to answer those interesting questions.

Read this article and listen to Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno's interview over at Vatican Radio.

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