Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Singles Weekend Retreat

My brothers and sisters in the Singles For Christ (SFC) community in Talisay will be going on a two days and three nights retreat this weekend called the Singles Weekend Retreat (SWR). I just feel so helpless because my GG (God's Gift, that is what we in SFC call our girlfriend/ boyfriend) and I really wanted to attend the retreat but can't because of my class on Saturday. The venue will be at Tabor Hills in Talamban, a very ideal place for retreats, because it sits atop a small, um, hill. Which means it will be cold there at night. Which means it will have an awesome view of Cebu City in glimmering lights! It is actually the destination of many devotees during Holy Week because it is designed to portray the Stations of the Cross.

So next time na lang pud... :)
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