Saturday, November 26, 2005

Some photos

We've recently bought a digital camera. It's a Pentax Optio s5z. It's pretty good. 5 megapixels....

I've wanted to buy a digicam for so long, so I'm happy we finally got one. :)

This is what it looks like:

 Posted by Picasa

It's pretty light, with a wide LCD.

Here are some sample pictures I took:

Our little Christmas tree  Posted by Picasa

From another angle. Posted by Picasa

Our parol Posted by Picasa

Series light Posted by Picasa

Our belen Posted by Picasa

Baby Jesus Posted by Picasa

I woke up early yesterday to review for an exam. When dawn broke I went up to our balcony and took some pictures of our surroundings. This camera works wonders! (You can click on the images for a larger, better view).

 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

A Tambis. The light that falls on the leaves is the sun's natural light just as it was emerging from the horizon. Posted by Picasa

A lamp post Posted by Picasa

Our balcony Posted by Picasa

I really love the quality of this photo. The orange sky in the background is so vivid. The silhouette of the tree is so beautiful. The details are captured almost perfectly. Posted by Picasa

Same with this one... Posted by Picasa

I like this photo the best! Posted by Picasa

The camera is pretty amazing... Expect to see more photos like these in the future. I think I'll change this blog into a photo weblog... Hehehe...

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