Friday, June 16, 2006

Back from Davao

Finally, maka-post nako. I've been a bit busy this week kay nag-prepare mi para sa badging and capping. The ceremony took place yesterday.

I arrived last Sunday and I really enjoyed my time in Davao. It's so good to see my labidab again. I missed her a lot.

Here are some pictures:

My labidab and her best friend Henri.

A view from Henri's backyard.

This is Pangga's family's adorable little poodle, Donnie.

View from inside an eatery in Davao City. Across the street is Limso Medical Center.

Another view.

Taken from the skywalk near Victoria's Mall.

NCCC Mall in Matina(?), across Juna subdivision.

The parish church inside Juna subdivision, where we went to see a Kerygma Feast. We expected to see Bo Sanchez but he wasn't the speaker that day. It was a Bro. Arun... I forgot his last name. He was a good speaker, had a great sense of humor.

I took a shot of the church's ceiling.

A sign in a rest room in Davao City. You know you're in Davao when you hear people talk in a mixture of Bisaya and Tagalog... :)

The City Hall in downtown Davao.

Quezon Park in front of the City Hall.

The Rizal monument in Rizal Park.

I forgot the name of this church...

The Freedom Park monument.

A version of the Pieta.

Me and Pangga in the City Triangle, near the Ateneo de Davao University, her Alma Mater.

Pangga and Donnie. Hehehe... Donnie looks at the camera, the pup knows how to pose!

A view of Davao City from a pumpboat. We were on our way to the Costa Marina beach resort in Samal island.

Say cheese!

A view of Samal island.

Preparing to dock.

A view of the tampi.

The beach's entrance.

One of the things that make Costa Marina attractive is its greenery.

A parrot.

Wala ko kaila unsa ning langgama!

The beach. Notice the white sand. Pangga said this resort made controversy some time ago because of their use of the white sand, which they got from somewhere else.

A cargo ship on its way to the international sea port.


Another view of the beach. We got there at about 7 in the morning and at that time the sea water was already receding. The tide started rising at noon.

See? No more water in the background, just dry leaves... haha.

In a swing... :)

Puppy eyes hehe... :)

Waiting for the boat.

On our way home.

A magnificent view of the sky from the pumpboat. Pangga took this shot. Notice the details of the clouds. I love this shot because of the color of the sky. The sun is about to set.

I took this shot. The sky is so beautiful.

I also enjoyed the plane ride. The experience was truly surreal for me. It was only my second and third time since I was a baby, so the whole thing was new to me. It was surreal to see the houses and the islands hundreds of feet below. Everything looked so small, yet they seemed so near as well. I marvelled at the whole thing, and I was smiling widely from the airport till we landed in Davao. It was surreal to see the clouds. One time in the middle of the trip it almost as if we were riding a boat, because the clouds below us was so vast and so smooth they looked like the sea. It felt like a dream... :)

My only regret was that I forgot to bring the camera along with me... I left it in my bag, which I deposited in the cargo. I only managed to take photos on the return flight.

Leaving Davao International Airport:


Anonymous said...

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