Sunday, June 18, 2006

Maternal and child health

I bought my Maternal and Child Health Nursing textbook by Pillitteri tonight. It's a two-volume book. Looks pretty intimidating... hehehe. Nakulbaan nako, especially when I remember Pangga's cousin in Davao who was reviewing for the local board. He was having difficulty with Maternal and Child Health nursing -- he gave me the impression that the subject is very difficult; guys cannot really relate well with what a woman experiences during and after pregnancy... :)

I looked at my book tonight and it just hit me... I'm gonna be a father eventually, so maternal and child health is actually very relevant for me and will actually be very useful... :)

We will probably have a quiz tomorrow. I haven't read the book yet. I spent my entire day in a Single's For Christ seminar. It was worth it, though.


kendi said...

we're reviewing MCN. hehe... it'll make u nauseous. demerol, narcan, magnesium sulfate, calcium gluconate, anyone?

i have a feeling i have high levels of estrogen, or shall i say HCG? hyperemesis gravidarum? hehe. aww... stress lang diay.

Dante said...

um... i'm scratching my head.

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