Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm going to Davao!

I'll be leaving tomorrow night. I'm so excited to see my pangga again. (It just hit me... today's exactly 1 month since she left for Davao. Hmm....)

I'm also excited because this will be my first time to travel all by myself. Or as my pangga said, this will be my first time to set my feet on Mindanao alone. It's kind of a scary thought because Mindanao is a pretty vast land...

So it's actually excitement with a mixture of fear, and I'm sure the latter will intensify when the boat docks in Cagayan de Oro on Sunday.

Hmm... Cagayan... I'm getting all nostalgic once again. Pangga and I got stranded there last year for a night. It was a Sunday. Nagtuo mi nga naay barko pa-Cebu that night. We were shocked when we found out there's only one schedule for Cagayan-Cebu, and it left that morning. We got there 6 hours too late. So we had to contact a friend of her father's, his college classmate, and I later found out that the last time they saw each other was when they were still in college! My pupils dilated. But we didn't have anywhere else to go. We were tired and desperate for a place to stay. Cagayan is like Cebu, you know (at least it looks like Colon in downtown Cebu), you feel like you could get mugged or robbed there and no one will be able to help you...

But Tito (we called him 'tito') Vic and his family was very accomodating. He's a dentist and he also runs a restaurant. His wife is a retired banker and their son is studying nursing. We really felt so at home there.

Anyway, that was last year. I can't believe I'm going back.

I miss Davao, too. There's a lot of things I like about Davao: the place itself (relatively cleaner and more neat than Cebu), the food (I miss the place where we ate kebab), the people... basta daghan nindut didto...

I'm also looking forward to... the six and a half bus ride from Cagayan to Davao! Ugh... It's going to be a long, long ride. Hehehe... Pero makalingaw ra man gihapon because of the landscape, especially when you get to Bukidnon...

I'll relish, too, the boat ride tomorrow night. I just love travelling by boat, especially at night. I don't know, there's something magical about travelling by the sea... I love seeing the pier, smelling the salty air, feeling the cold sea breeze, looking at the distant horizon... It sets your spirit free.

This will be a good break from school... :)

See you soon, Ga... :)
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