Thursday, January 11, 2007

Busy week

Been very busy this week. Daily exams since Monday. Stayed up late each night to study and record BBC 7 programs.

Missed the first set of exam this morning due to heavy traffic brought about by check points on the way to the city by military men, part of the security measures for the Asean Summit tomorrow.

Arrived in school just in time to deliver our oral report. I stood in front of the class dazed and numbed due to lack of sleep, but still anxious.

Asked the CI for a special exam. Request not granted. Later she changed her mind, thankfully.

Too much talk in the radio about the preparations for the Summit tomorrow. I wish they can also discuss the issues that the Summit will tackle. Or: What the heck is the Summit all about, anyway? What's it for? How can it particularly benefit Juan de la Cruz?

Today's CDN editorial cartoon has the answer: "Social justice, security, investment and jobs." Yes, but more discussion on these issues in the media, please...

Thank goodness for the holiday. I'm ready to collapse in my bed.

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