Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Why I don't watch Pinoy Big Brother

This is my response (edited) to Ate Darlene's post on Pinoy Big Brother. (Warning: This might be offensive for some PBB fans. If you're one, proceed no further... hehehe)

For me, it doesn't matter really whether the show is scripted or not, because... I don't watch it... hehehe.

Really, I don't. I find it a waste of my time.

I don't understand why so many people like it. I mean, everywhere I go, people talk about it. I overhear conversations about it in school, in the mall, and even in the jeepney. ABS-CBN airs a special segment about it in "TV Patrol World", interviewing people about who they like and don't like among the "housemates", and who they want evicted). It really bothers me, the fact that a great many people can talk about something that just came out of nowhere, and talk about it as if it's equally important as, say, the "Gloriagate" issue or some other social or political issue of great importance. PBB has created such a great buzz in our society all of a sudden, and nobody seems to be asking the question, "Why?" As in, "Why all these buzz all of a sudden? What's all the fuzz about? So what if so and so "housemate" is likeable or not? So what if so and so is talented, or cute, or annoying or what have you? Why the preoccupation with these seemingly inane and irrelevant stuff?"

In my opinion, it just shows how great and powerful the mass media is, or how great its influence is over our culture. It comes up with shows that are designed to draw the highest ratings, and it becomes popular and the topic of daily conversation. That is the danger there, it can inject into the popular culture any program, as long as it is entertaining, provocative, or sensational, and hence, profitable, and the public will readily consume it without asking why the media is feeding them such commodities. There is danger there because the public swallows everything that the mass media feeds it, and remember that the mass media usually produces trash which are pretty unhealthy for the mind, the same way "junk foods" are unhealthy for the body.

Sorry if I'm being too cynical, but that's my view... :)
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