Friday, February 10, 2006

Random stuff

I just got back from the Department of Health blood bank in Jones Avenue with my mother, brother, cousin Lorianne (who recently became a registered nurse), and Tita Indang. My brother and I were to donate blood for my Tita Epil, who has cancer. But the guy there said I couldn't donate blood because my left ear have a pierced mark. Yeah, I had my ear pierced when I was in high school (I was young and naive). That was many years ago, but they still wouldn't let me donate. I really felt sad because I realized I wouldn't ever be able to offer my own blood to help those who need it, like my Tita. Offering one's blood is such a privilege because you help save peple's lives, and I will forever be exempt from that great privilege! (In some hospitals, though, they do allow male donors with ear-piercings; I've tried it before in Cebu Doctors').

Tita Epil's cancer is terminal. She has been suffering for many years already, had several surgeries, been admitted to hospitals countless times. And now her time is seem to be drawing near. We her family seemed to have accepted the reality that she may no longer remain with us in this world for very long.

I realized also tonight that my driver's license has already expired and since November last year pa lang. So I've been driving with an expired license for three months! Maayo na lang wala ko madakpan, kay they said driving with an expired license is a criminal offense, which means I can go to jail!

We had our hospital duty today at the Talisay District Hospital. It went well. We were assigned in the OPD, so all we did was interact with the patients and took some vital signs. Some of us did skin testing and removed sutures. A lot of the patients were infants, and I liked it because I got to hold some babies... :)

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