Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Back with SFC, finally

I finally am back to Singles For Christ. I attended our service meeting last night. When I entered Sis Fe's residence my brods and sis were surprised. Although Jaypee and Carlo texted me to come they probably didn't expect I'd actually attend the meeting (Having gotten used perhaps to my habit of saying "Yes, Ill be there" and not actually showing up, hehe). They all looked at me at first in silence and seriousness, then they clapped their hands, and one of my brod said, "Welcome back!" I felt like the prodigal son, or brother. Haha.

I really feel happy. At first it was truly, truly awkward for me to be there. I missed a lot of things during my absence: countless meetings, activities, fellowships... I felt not a bit out of place. But I had to be there. I have to be with SFC again. It's okay for my brods and sis to think that I'm irresponsible and unreliable, that I turned my back on the commitment I made to Singles when I became a member more than two years ago by abandoning my household members for several months. They have every right to think that way about me, because it's true. I don't mind. I just want to be with Singles again, to serve the community again, and this time with more seriousness and dedication, commitment and perseverance, and hopefully with the Lord's help, with all my heart and mind, resources, time, and talent.

At the end of the meeting some of my brods, including ManMan who just got back from Manila, shook my hand and chatted with me and asked me how I was. I'm good, I'm fine, I said. I didn't add that I'm happy to be back among them.

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