Friday, April 07, 2006

Inquirer editorial on entrepreneurship

I completely missed the PDI's wonderful April 4 editorial: Entrepreneurship.

The editorial's timing couldn't be more perfect for me and my Pangga. As I've said in my post yesterday, I've become interested in entrepreneurship lately. Now, my baby and I are planning to go into business together.

It's amazing how the editorial really captured my personal views about employment and making a living. It's really hard to get a decent job these days. The ones that are good paying are call center work, and it's not really for everybody (for many, if not most, of the people in the industry, especially those in the operations work - the agents - it can't be considered as a long-term career). More and more people, high school graduates and even professionals from various backgrounds, including doctors, are enrolling in nursing because of the promise of better-paying work abroad. Majority of the new graduates will enter the growing ranks of the unemployed and the underemployed. Therefore, it is truly wise to look into entrepreneurship as an option to making a living. It's a really promising venture, and very exciting, too. Although, it will surely take a lot of hard work, perseverance, and of course imagination and creativity. I believe it will be very beneficial for us if most of our countrymen will seek to become entrepreneurs rather than employees only. I think that's the mindset of most of the Filipino-Chinese: They teach their children to venture into business. We native Pinoys, on the other hand, teach our kids to aspire to become employees only (not to sound condescending).

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