Sunday, April 16, 2006

Random thoughts

Summer vacation is going to end tonight because tomorrow's gonna be our first day of school for the summer term. And I'll be taking Microbiology and Parasitology, and Foundations of Nursing.

And how have I spent my two weeks? Not wisely. I've squandered it. I've done absolutely nothing. I haven't read a book (except browsing on a few pages). I haven't gotten into sitting down and arranging my priorities on what goals I want to achieve in the coming months (which I planned I would do). I've been absolutely unproductive. Too much free time just wasted me away, haha.

I sound like a male version Norah Jones when I talk. That is, I sound hoarse, a bit jazzy. That's because I have a cough. It has hounded me since last week. I've had terrible coughing fits when I go to sleep.

How can I make my life beautiful? I want to live a beautiful life. Any suggestions?


Ggraph said...

Sorry to hear about your cough. I hope it clears up soon. That why it called a break. You need some time away, so it's not wasted. you still have time to put your plan together. Good luck with your classes this summer. It looks like it will be another busy line up of classes.

lica said...

woohoo! hello summer classes! They never seem to end..onga, I agree with the person above, BREAK, it's one of those rare moments in nursing life that you get to do what you want to without having to think of school, books and exams. Chill! :)
Good luck! :)

Mari_Belle said...

How to live a beautiful life? Chase your dreams, live with hope, love as you have always loved, be with the people closest to your heart. Like you will always be in mine. Because you are in it, I am living a beautiful life.. :)

Dante said...

that's beautiful ga... =)

despite life's hardships and difficulties (and at times meaninglessness) my life is still beautiful because i have you ga... :)

Dante said...

Hello Ggraph... :)

Yes, I shouldn't be guilty I didn't do anything during our break... I'm suppose to... :)

Take care and God bless you, as always.

Lica: You must be having the time of your life right now, with school being over... But the board exams is just on the horizon, so I guess that's stressful thought. Hehe.

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