Monday, May 01, 2006

Going home to Davao

It still hasn't settled in. My baby's going home to Davao tomorrow. I will be driving her tomorrow to the airport.

It still hasn't settled in. But already I could feel a deep sadness creeping into me. My heart is starting to ache. I am starting to feel afraid.

This will be the longest time we will be away from each other. She needs to go home to her mother, and she needs to start a business for them. She is finished with being an employee.

She will be back on August, hopefully, if things go as planned. Then, we will start our business here together.

But at the end of summer classes I will be visiting her in Davao.

I am afriad... my nights and days won't be the same without her. It will be difficult to bear.

But we will strengthen each other, Ga.


Lica said...

aww, that's sweet. Kaya mo yan. God bless both of you. :)

Dante said...

thanks lica! :)

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