Monday, May 01, 2006

Holiday in San Remegio

My family and I, together with my Pangga, went to Victoria Hard Rock beach resort in San Remegio yesterday. That's in the Northwest part of Cebu. We spent the night there. We all had a wonderful time. My father did a lot of fishing (the resort had a fishing farm), a hobby he loves so dearly and which he hasn't done for decades already. The place is so beautiful. The beach, too, was nice, although it wasn't well-maintained. The pools were great!

We rented a room in this cottage.

Another cottage will possibly rise on this site.

A superb photo of the sunset my brother took. That's the sea West of Northern Cebu.

Another view of the sunset. My brother surely has an eye for beauty.

Fishermen. Early in the morning.

The fishing farm.

(To be continued)


ManangK said...

wow! nindota lugara oi!

Dante said...

hi! :) yep, nindut jud... :)

Anonymous said...

how far is this resort from san remigio beach club? |noreen|

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