Thursday, May 25, 2006

Question from a reader

Woohoo, I have a reader! Lol....

I'm posting my reply for Tine here because the TagBoard doesn't have enough space.

She asks:

What does it feel when ur stil 1st yr. colege and taking up Nursing?? Is it easy taking up this course or an interesting one...and why you say so?

My reply:

hi tine :) i can't say because when i started nursing 2nd year nako. second-courser man gud ko, so daghan na-credit sa ako nga minor subjects. it's not an easy course, pero wala man pud siguro course nga sayun. are you a fresh HS grad? if you love caring for people and serving the sick, then nursing is for you. though daghan nagkuha nursing for the opportunities abroad, i suggest that you base your decision on what your interests are. :)


kendi said...

follow your heart, yet you have to be practical pud.

i think kuya dante will agree with this: being a nurse is one of the most decent jobs on earth.

ahem. i don't care to those who'll say "hey, they're just after the $." honestly, i am not. period.

Dante said...

agree jud ko ana ken! :) dili lang kay decent, but noble. it's actually a privilege to serve the sick and the needy. :)

sakto jud, dapat naay balance between following what you'd love to do, and being practical... we must also think about our future.

Anonymous said...

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