Saturday, July 08, 2006

Going to Negros

The next couple of days promises to be dizzying. I'm leaving for Negros tonight to visit tita's wake. So after going to Sotto this afternoon to interview and assess my patient/s for next week's duty, I'm going straight home to get my things. Then I'll leave for the pier. The ship will depart late in the evening. Before day breaks I'll be in Dumaguete. Hopefully I can get to Sanke at around 8. I'll stay there for a couple of hours or more then I'll head back again for Dumaguete. Hopefully I can catch a fast craft trip there so I can reach Cebu for just an hour. If not I'll have to take the longer route - ride a pump boat from Sibulan to Liloan, then catch a vhire or a Ceres bus to take me back home in Minglanilla. I'll have an extra time to wash up and change to my uniform so I can report to Sotto before my shift starts at 10 in the evening. Mahuman amo shift 6 AM, so uli dayn ko to get some sleep, then wake up to read up on my patient's case and make a pathophysiology of the disease. Whew.

I'll actually be bringing along with me my Medical-Surgical book, NANDA, and Pathophysiology book so I can write the written requirements for the duty on the ship!

I miss Negros and I miss travelling by sea. I miss riding the Ceres bus... I miss Dumaguete. I'm happy I can visit it again, even though mulabay lang ko. Enough na nga makakita ko balik sa Negros. I miss the time my pangga and I spent there two years ago.

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