Saturday, July 29, 2006

Three babies

Our clinical duty in a birthing home in Labangon ended this morning. We thought we were going to finish the week with only a single delivery! Fortunately, two patients arrived last night in labor. The first delivered her baby on the same night, while the other had a prolonged labor (she gave birth to her baby this morning). Both newborns are girls. So that's a total of only 3 for the whole week! According to Nang Lolly, the owner of the birthing home, who is also a midwife, it's busier there on most weeks. Last week they had 7 deliveries.

So we spent most of our free time studying... and eating. If we stayed there a week longer, manambok siguro mi, kay wala mi lain buhat kundi manglinkud og mangaon... Also, idle chit chat, that came down to such levels as...

Ate Janice: "Naa ra ba kunoy ungo dire maglakaw2x magabii. Ghost nga mag-scrub suit, bonnet og mask..."

Me: "Ghost nga conscious sa sterile technique."

Then we'd burst out laughing.

The week after next, we'll report to the district hospital in Danao. Hopefully, things will be busier there.

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