Friday, July 07, 2006

Goodbye, tita

Tita Epil died today. She had cancer. She was fighting the disease for about 8 years. Siguro time na jud niya.

She has suffered for many years. She even had her right arm amputated because of severe edema. We can't imagine the agony and the suffering she went through all these years. It has exacted such a huge toll on her and her family -- the expenses they incurred with the innumerable admission to hospitals, the expensive medicines, laboratory tests, and consultations with different doctors. (It cost them a fortune!) She was brave. She faced the terrible disease with such calmness and resilience, and there was no trace of self-pity in her.

At least she can now rest in peace. We mourn her passing but actually things are better for her now. Infinitely better, because she is now with our Lord, and free from the suffering of her terrible physical condition. We miss her because she is no longer physically present with us.

She died in Dumaguete. Her wake will be in her family's home in Sanke, Negros Oriental.

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