Thursday, July 20, 2006

Reporting in class

My main problem when it comes to reporting (orally) in front of our class is that I always have a "stage fright". You might think that I'm too old for stage frights, that with my age I should have developed the calmness that comes with maturity. But I have never outgrown that tendency. Well, I suppose most people never *do* outgrow their fear of the crowd no matter how far they advance in age.

But I noticed that the more you have mastered your material, the more confident you become in delivering it...

Another problem that I have is that I have difficulty delivering my material in simple terms. That's the *key* idea, I think, reporters should remember. It's about keeping it simple, explaining the material in the simplest, most concise and understandable terms possible, so that your classmates can easily absorb the lesson. I seldom think in simple terms, though, so that it is reflected in the way I report - it ends up a bit confusing, and I could see it clearly in me classmates' eyes. Sometimes I wonder if what I'm doing is clarifying the lesson or simply showing off my verbal skills.

I have many among my classmates whose reporting styles I admire. They do it in the most personal and down to earth manner, not the detached, nerdy kind of way (wherein the reporter's style is so impersonal and "cerebral" that he/she appears like a talking textbook). I think I should emulate these people. Magbinisaya ta kung mao na ang paagi nga mas masabtan nato ang lesson...

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