Thursday, August 17, 2006

"Black paradise"

That is how a village leader describes the present state of Guimaras island. I saw a video footage of the place in ANC, and it does look like a "black paradise". It is so disheartening to see such a beautiful place ruined by one of the environment's worse (if not the worst) enemies.

Greenpeace has issued a statement.

The high cost of oil! I hope Petron and the owner of the tanker will take full account of the disaster. But the government's role is more important here. They should enact laws that would prevent oil tankers from plying routes that are near marine reserves, or better yet, allow only those tankers which are spill-proof to travel in our seas.

But ultimately it's really high time for us to shift to alternative sources of energy, because we can't ignore the issue of global warming.

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