Monday, August 07, 2006

A close encounter

I just had a very unpleasant encounter with a stranger this afternoon.

My brother and I, together with my mother, dropped by Central Market in Talisay to buy some fish. My brother and I parked alongside a row of parked cars and we waited there. Some minutes later a taxi cab pulled over behind us. Some minutes later still, a jeepey-type vehicle pulled over across us, so that our vehicles are now doubly parking. Then a few more minutes later a black car appeared behind us. He couldn't pass through, so he signalled using his sirens (he had sirens). I assumed he meant to signal the jeepey, since I arrived in the place first. The jeepey moved slowly to allow the black car through. When the black car was beside us, it stopped. Its window was rolled down. The driver was a middle-aged man, and beside him was an elderly person. The driver then said to me, with his voice slightly raised, and in perfect English...

"Can''t you park your car properly!? You're blocking traffic!" Or words to that effect.

I was taken aback. My blood pressure shot up, and I was too fuming mad that I was at a loss for words. The man stared at me for a few moments then slowly drove off to a parking space several meters ahead. But as he did, I managed to shout back, "You're wrong!"

My mother then came, not knowing what just happened, so we drove off. Then I saw the guy again. He was out of his car, with his companion. They stood several meters before us, and as I turned the car towards the highway I rolled down my window so he could get a better view of me shrugging my shoulders and raising my hand in exasperation of not knowing how to respond to his rudeness. In fact, I think the man is truly arrogant, and I believe he is truly wrong to accuse me of not parking properly. I was not blocking the traffic, it was the jeepey, who parked across us despite seeing that he was double parking.

I truly felt like giving him the finger, but somehow reason prevailed over emotion...


Anonymous said...

Hey Dante! I came across this blogpage of yours and I read this post about your unpleasant encounter with a stranger. I just wanted to tell you how courageous you were for controlling your anger and for not raising your voice back all at once.

Dante said...

thank you :)

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