Sunday, August 20, 2006

The perpetrator and the whistle-blower

The Talk of the Town section of the PDI yesterday carried the issue of the NLE leakage. An excerpt of the statement made by the "whistle-blower" is published.

What struck me in his story is this:

I said to him, “Sir, be careful, you might be blackmailed.” Cordero said, “No, I have a lawyer. Gapuz is pointing at me because a PCHS student gave him the materials. The evidence that the PRC holds is the photocopy of the handwritten materials from my student. Walang kwentang bata ’yan. Do you know who the materials are really for? For my child [son].”

I replied, “Oo nga po, sir. Salamat po at hindi niyo ipinagdamot sa amin,” I then asked him, “Sir, bakit kaya niya kailangan ibigay ’yun?” Cordero said, “Eh para ano pa, eh di sa pera.” “Balita ko nga masama ang loob sa akin ng member ng BON na nagbigay, eh. Pag nagkaipitan naman, hindi ko sasabihin na siya. Sasabihin ko lang na may nagbigay sa akin, hindi ko kilala tapos binigyan ko kunwari ng P20,000.”

"Salamat po at hindi niyo ipinagdamot sa amin." He did not condemn the act, after having discovered that there was a leakage, and that they benefited from it, after they took the exam. He even thanked him for it!

According to the statement even Gapuz welcomed the leaked material given to him by the second-courser mentioned in the story.

Cordero's values are truly twisted. He cheated for his son, and the way that he said it, it seemed to him a very normal thing. Moreover, he was "generous" enough (a value which Bautista thanked him for -- and for that reason Bautista's values are also twisted ) to share it with the reviewers. Tsk tsk tsk.


kendi said...

i've had enough of the NLE scam. i've read yesterday's paper and i laughed when i read one reader's comment: "those who passed shouldn't retake it since cheating in the country is ok. ask president arroyo about that."


nwei, i don't believe retakes should be allowed. a wrong has been done, the ones guilty should be punished. the others are just victims of consequences.

kendi said...

nagchange diay ko ug url kuya. for details, just read my blog at:

Dante said...

okay. sayang ang old blog.

i've read an inquirer editorial a week ago which says nga ang mga examinees ra daw gyapun ang mag-suffer in the long run if dili sila mu-take, kay dili na musalig ang mga employers (local and foreign) nila kay tarnished na ilang batch. of course unjust na, pero wala naman sila'y mahimu. if they do take the test though at least mubalik ang trust sa mga employers nila. didtrust cannot be avoided kay dili paman ma pinpoint kung unsa ka-extensive ang nahitabo nga leakage, so the people are free to specualte all they want. luoy jud kaayo ang mga examinees. but the government i think proposed to shoulder the expense of the retake (including the review); they want to make things easier for the examinees; pero they will have to study and review again... kakapuy magtuon napud.

lol. gloria should know.

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