Thursday, August 17, 2006


Today's PDI Editorial is enraging. To quote this guy Palparan:

"My order to my soldiers is that if they are certain that there are armed rebels in a house or yard, shoot them. It will just be too bad if civilians are killed in the process. We are sorry if you are killed in the crossfire."

Can the Arroyo administration let him get away with that kind of statement!?

Oh wait, I forgot, he's Gloria's "hero" right? No wonder there's no stopping the killings. I've heard in the news this afternoon that another militant was gunned down in Luzon today. Yesterday another member of a cause-oriented group was shot in his own house also in Luzon. The administration is basically giving these people license to continue executing people for their mere political-orientation. And now the infamous Palparan is extending his terror tactics (for let's face it, they are terror tactics) to hapless civilians. Shouldn't the cold-blooded general then be rightly called a "terrorist"? The people have more to fear from this insane man.

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