Monday, February 18, 2008

PIBJ's Valentine's Day episode

I used to watch Bo Sanchez's Preacher in Blue Jeans almost every day. Now I rarely do. But watching it daily is a good habit to acquire. It can nourish your soul!

I'll try to write down my insights for every episode, just so I can remember them.

The above show was aired last Valentine's Day, and the topic was about - what else? - love. Bo talked about two kinds of love: eros and agape. Eros is romantic love while agape is a deeper kind of love, or what he referred to as "true love", because it is the one more lasting. Agape requires sacrifice.

My date last week was thousands of miles away - in Davao. So I was all alone, and she was alone. But it was okay, we were used to it hehehe. That's the surprising thing about our relationship: we've been geographically apart for almost two years now, and somehow we managed to cope. So we haven't spent Valentine's for two years now!

One thing I remembered with Bo's talk is that honesty is really essential in any relationship. He said he "quarrels" (small "one-minute" tensions/ conflicts) with his wife at least 5 times a day! He might just be exaggerating. I guess that's just normal, and healthy. Better to have 5 small "quarrels" a day than to have a huge one every week or every month, because then it will be like seeing a volcano explode, with all the repressed hurt, misunderstanding, wrong assumptions, and failed expectations that each spouse hides inside him or her. So it's better to have an open relationship, one wherein you can freely say to you partner, "Ouch, what you just said hurt me," or "I don't agree with you on that," etc. etc. Then you talk it over and settle your differences. We can be too polite with our partners sometimes, afraid that we might hurt him or her. Tension and conflict can be healthy if handled properly.

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