Monday, February 18, 2008

Today's PIBJ episode: Entrepreneurship

Today's Preacher in Blue Jeans episode is about enterpreneurship:

Bo is interviewed by enterpreneurship students from Assumption.

His advice on those who want to start businesses (to summarize):

1. Discover and develop your core gifts (talents/ skills/ unique attributes that you have). What are you good at? Or, what are your passions? What are the things you like doing? Singing? Dancing? Making/mixing music? Writing? Speaking in public? Theater? Selling? Reading and collecting books? Cars? Bags? Fashion? Wellness? Foods? Travelling? We can pursue them. The idea, I think, is to follow your passion; the money will just follow.

2. Never say you've learned enough. Continue learning. Read, study, listen, observe. He used one of the interviewers as his example. She plans to open a restaurant someday. Bo's advice: Work in a restaurant. Know everything there is to know about the business. Work as a cook, cashier, marketer, manager, bartender, and yes, waitress. His other advice is to find a mentor. One who is successful and who has been in the business for many years. It doesn't matter if you have to fetch him coffee every morning, as long as you learn a lot from him.

3. Know the true purpose of wealth. The true aim of business, Bo says, is not to amass profits but to serve. Money can be used as a tool to help and enrich others. When you do that, you are truly rich!

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