Sunday, February 03, 2008

The play

The play was, um, okay. I don't know, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I've expected. It's probably just me. I have a few things sort of bothering me lately, so maybe I was not in the right mindset when I watched the play.

I was more moved by the book.

But Bart Guingona and the guy who played Morrie were really good... Maybe it was the dialogue that at times were not very clear, or which were garbled a bit.

The theater was filled to capacity. Majority of the audience were students from Sacred Heart School.

In half an hour I will be preparing for my trip to Badian. We will have our second week of clinical duty there. I haven't slept. I spent the rest of the night editing the final copy of our thesis.

Badian is a very nice, quiet little town. There's a very old church beside the district hospital. I'm not sure when it was constructed; probably sometime in the 19th century.

We're staying in a dorm just within the hospital compound. It's really creepy. The hospital itself was built in 1911, if I'm not mistaken. In fact, it's rumoured to be haunted. But no ghosts appeared last week, though. This week, well, I'm not terribly excited of seeing one.

They say that the room below our dorm is actually a morgue. Horror of horrors, I know.

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