Monday, October 10, 2005

Awesome calamities

I saw the news footages of the aftermath of the quake in Pakistan yesterday. It's a disaster whose magnitude is truly hard to imagine. Grabe, as of last count, 19,136 dead! Lisud imaginun unsa na ka daghan. And grabe ang destruction... entire towns and cities "wiped off the map"!

The accounts of some residents are chilling:

"Residents said the cries of children that had been heard throughout the day, coming from underneath the wreckage, had fallen silent."

In another part of the world, another calamity -- Hurricane Stan. Its death toll (over 1500) has already surpassed that of Katrina (1242, at last count).

First there was the great tsunami last year, then hurricane Katrina, then the quake in Pakistan and hurricane Stan in the South Americas. They all happened within such a short period of time, about 1 year.

Is it true that natural disasters are getting worser and worser these days?

Let us all pray for those who have died in these horrible, horrible calamities, and for their families.

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