Friday, October 21, 2005

The semester's finally over!

The semester's finally over. Whew. I'm so happy, but it's somewhat an empty kind of happiness, because for months I've been a bit busy with school, especially these past few days with our finals -- there was always something to read, to study, etc. -- and now, all of a sudden, I have time in my hands.

Finally, I will have time to continue reading more about Theology of the Body, which has really fascinated me, continue listening to the audio archives over at EWTN and their online radio programs over the internet, and start and finish the online "courses" at the Institute For Christian Living.

Hay salamat. Round 1 of my life as a nursing student is finally over. Am I ready for Round 2? This coming second semester we will be starting already our Community Health "duties" (I don't know what the proper term is) to Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center and the different Health Centers. I'm actually a bit excited. I can't wait until I can start wearing the all-white nursing uniform. It would really make me feel that I'm a bonafide student nurse... =) I really want to get into the action na. To really go to the hospital and health centers and do some actual nursing work, instead of just reading and reading and reading the nursing books.


On my way home this evening from Banilad in a jeepney, I sat next to a very interesting man. He was with a companion. They were maybe more or less 60 years of age, and they were talking about their schooling. They are taking a course at something over at USC Talamban, perhaps. But perhaps not, because I suspect they're pursuing a Masters degree in Theology (That should be in the San Carlos seminaries in Mabolo). That got me really intrigued. This man, he was talking about philosophy, about spirituality, about faith, about Marxism, about existentialism, about Heidegger, Buber, Tillich, and Nietzsche. Wow. Ganahan unta kaayo ko muistorya niya, to inquire where he was studying, and whether he's a teacher or professor, and whether he's really taking Theology. I wanted to talk to him about philosophy and existentialism. But I didn't have the time and opportunity. Dungan mi nanaug sa Colon, and I was hoping he'd ride a Bulacao-bound jeepney so I could have the chance to talk to him because I was also going to take that route. Sadly, he was not going my way. Sayang kaayo. Interesting unta kaayo siya.

I'm thinking that perhaps I'll study theology someday. I mean, really pursue a degree on it. And then later perhaps, teach. Maybe. My interest in theology today may just be passing. I'm interested in it because I'm interested in how I may live my life the right way.


Hmmm.. what to do this semestral break? Me and my family, we're going to our province in Negros Oriental for the Kalag-kalag. Nagplano sila ako parents na magdala lang mi amo sakyanan, but I want to travel on my own, to ride the Ceres bus (Gimingaw na ko sakay ug Ceres bus!), to cross the sea from Liloan to Sibulan via the pumpboat (Ah! The pumpboat ride!), take a multicab to Dumaguete (Ah, Dumaguete, how I miss you!) and while away my time there. Go to Libro Bookshop, stroll the length of Rizal Boulevard, visit Silliman, eat at Scooby's, and just basically tour the city once again, and perhaps, if I have more time to spare, watch a movie at those old theaters. Ah, what a nice thought! I just wish I could bring my Pangga along with me... :(

Ah, the thought of travel reallly excited me! The last time I traveled was in March, when Pangga and I went to Davao. It would be an exhilirating experience to travel again, to see places again. Travel really expands one's horizons. It expands one's view of life, and I really need that right now.
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