Monday, March 27, 2006

A highly interesting Pinoy theology blog

I was searching Google for Pinoy theology blogs (because I wanted to know if there are Pinoy bloggers out there who tackle theology in their blogs) and I found this highly interesting blog:

Philippine Theo Law Gee: On Theology, Law and everything else from a Filipino perspective

A lot of interesting stuff in there. It's by a lawyer who also teaches theology, writes songs and loves books. Wow!

I have found a treasure of a blog. Why treasure? Because we virtually don't have Pinoy bloggers who blog about the beautiful subject of theology (the only other blogger I know is Father Stephen Cuyos). I sure do hope Atty. Cortes (I believe that's his name), will continue his blogging. I would've wanted to leave a comment in his blog but I don't have a Wordpress account.

A quote from his blog:

“What is it that true theology aims at? To gain understanding and wisdom in gospel mysteries by experience of personal knowledge of God in Christ, to gain an insight into the marvels of God’s plans and covenants through the ages, and to experience and partake of spiritual worship and obedient faith…. Above all, let those who undertake the study of theology and have no wish to squander away their time and efforts always keep in mind that their aim is to attain wisdom, and that wisdom is the spiritual, saving wisdom of the gospel.”

– JOHN OWEN, Biblical Theology (Soli Deo Gloria Publications, 2nd ed., 1996) p. 694


attycortes said...


Thanks for the kind remarks. Ever thought about taking up law someday? And a theological degree afterwards? We need as many filipino theologians as we can get. :)

Dante said...

Hello Sir!

I plan to study theology after I am done with Nursing. But I'll still discern if it's God's will that I take up a degree in theology. Not all Catholic apologists have degrees in theology, I think. :)

I don't think I'm interested in Law.. :)

Do you have theology degree? Where did you study? So are you really also a theologian by profession? :)

More power to you, and hope you'll keep on blogging! :)

attycortes said...

God bless you on your plan, Dante. I do hope you pursue a degree in theology someday. I'm a bit disappointed you aren't interested in law. Law and theology are a good combination. But I have a friend who's a nurse and who was my classmate in a few subjects in seminary. He's now in Cambodia as a missionary, so I guess there's also a need for nurses who also have theological training. And yes I have a degree but I don't know if I can be called a theologian by profession. I'm more of a laytheogian - I teach in seminary part time (Historical Theology on the masteral level) and also in a Bible College (Hermeneutics for undergrads).

Again, God bless!

Dante said...

Hello Sir,

I guess it's rare to see lawyers who are also into theology. Yes, that's a very good combination indeed.

I guess it would also be great to combine nursing and theology... :) I guess we need theologains (professional or lay) in every fields. Here in Cebu I know of an engineering instructor of a respectable university who also is an apologist.

I wonder, sir, how you manage your time, being a lawyer and at the same time teaching those (I believe, from the sound of it) very hard thelogical subjects... :)

God bless you too!

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