Friday, March 10, 2006

Pictures from our duty in Calamba

Today was the last day of our "community duty" for Health Care 2. We were assigned in Calamba Health Center in Labangon. We did not do house visits or assessed families. We only stayed in the health center the whole day listening to our CI's discussion on Family Planning and the Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI). EPI has become a very tiresome topic for us because it has been discussed to us countless of times.

My duty mates strike for a pose. Posted by Picasa

The gang up close (minus me, Ranel, and Ronald). Posted by Picasa

The class is about to begin... Posted by Picasa

Break time. Reyan shows us his talent for playing the guitar while Charyn displays her talent in dancing. At the back, left to right, Ate Neyla, Ronald, and Ranel. Posted by Picasa

Can you guess what the lady in the photo is holding? Can you tell why most of the class is smiling? Yup, that's a condom. We were having a discussion on Family Planning. Posted by Picasa

... And can you guess what our CI is holding in his hands? Posted by Picasa

We rushed immediately to the nearest carenderia after the morning's health teaching. We were starved. (L-R: Disney, Charyn, Noel (partly hidden), Ronald, me (in the mirror), Ranel, and Ate Neyla) Posted by Picasa

Group picture nasad! (L-R, standing: Ranel, Mischerie, me, Charyn, Reyan, Ate Neyla, Noel, Erma; seated: Ronald and Disney) Posted by Picasa

Together with the CI, who was my school mate in high school... :) Posted by Picasa

I really enjoyed my time with my duty mates. They were so much fun to be with. I'm so blessed to have been part of the group. I will surely miss these guys...
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