Wednesday, March 15, 2006

PCIJ targeted by the DOJ

The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism in its blog has come out with a statement expressing its disappointment with the Department of Justice over what Raul Gonzalez recently said in an interview on ANC.

Why is the government singling out PCIJ? The DOJ is clearly resorting to intimidation tactics. PCIJ is not the only media group who carried the "Hello Garci" audio recording in their website. Several media websites and blogs also carried it. The audio recording was even played in Congress during its hearing on the issue. And what's more ironic is that Malacanang itself, through Ignacio Bunye, released a copy of the recording, which it claimed to be the "authentic" one, when the controversy first broke out.

More and more this administration is resembling the Marcos regime. It's truly scary and disturbing, how this administration is going after the media, resorting to all sorts of threats and harassment. But what is perhaps more troubling is that the public seems to be complacent about what is happening.

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Ggraph said...

Wow, It's amazing I guess governments are alike all over the world. Some are more heavy handed yhan others but they all want to look good no bad press.

Nice piece on the sea turtles. I learned some things.

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