Friday, March 10, 2006

Pictures from our "community duty" in Banilad

(Clockwise: Disney, Ranel, me, Ronald, Mischeria, Ate Neyla, and Charyn) Posted by Picasa

Getting ready for the 3 kilometer hike to Sitio Calubihan in Banilad. Posted by Picasa

We're almost there... we're almost halfway through the walk... It's not exactly a walk in the park, is it? Posted by Picasa

After about 45 minutes of walking, the group reaches Sitio Rotunda, where everyone takes a break from the scorching noontime sun. A sign board hung on the tree/ waiting shed behind the group interestingly reads: "Ger-ger not allowed (in this area)". Hmmm... Posted by Picasa

We did an ocular inspection of Sitio Calubihan when we arrived in the area. Some of the houses were located at the side of a mountain, so we had to climb up to them. Erma is obviously out of breath, while Disney urges her to keep going. Posted by Picasa

A view from the top. Posted by Picasa

The class getting ready to leave. Posted by Picasa

Lunch at Chowking, Gaisano Country Mall. (L-R: Mischerie, Erma, Charyn, Reyan (standing), Disney, Noel, Ate Neyla, and Ronald) Posted by Picasa

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